Manage all of your business faxing needs from the cloud — and save time and money.

Cloud faxing that means business.

Cloud faxing that means business

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Cloud Faxing Benefits for SMBs  

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Fax by Email

HIPAA Compliance

Give your staff the power to send and receive faxes from any device — as easily as using email.

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

We use only the most sophisticated cloud-fax security protocols, including TLS encryption.

No Fax Maintenance

No Fax Maintenance

Never pay again for hardware, software, or to maintain your fax infrastructure.

Meet Audit Standards

Meet Audit Standards

Bring your healthcare faxing into alignment with NHS requirements and HSCIC standards.

Streamlined Workflows

Fax APIs, customer cover pages, auto-resends and more — so you can fax more efficiently.

Streamlined Workflows

Unlimited Scalability

Unlimited Scalability

Scale up or down as often as your business needs change — and pay only for what you use.

Encrypted Cloud Faxing

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Did you know?

Migrating from onsite fax servers to a cloud fax model can save your business

thousands of pounds every year.

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Admin Settings
Admin Settings Icon

Centralised Administration

You can assign multiple levels of administrative access to your organisations cloud fax activity and easily generate reports anytime — including fax volume by user, fax volume by group or department, total fax history for a given time period, etc.

Advanced Security Icon

Advanced Fax Security & Encryption

With our highly secure Tier III and IV data centers and enhanced fax send/receive encryption protocols such as TLS 1.2, eFax Corporate keeps your sensitive documents fully secure both at rest and in transit

Advanced Security
Integrate MFP (multi functional printer)
Integrate MFP (multi functional printer) Icon

Integrate Multi-Function Printers

eFax Corporate can also be integrated with your business’s existing MFPs, allowing your staff to fax right from the glass when needed. This lets you extend the capabilities of the MFPs you’ve already invested in, while helping you to eliminate dated fax infrastructure and its associated costs.

Keep Your Fax Numbers

Or select new ones—your choice of local, toll-free or international.

Dedicated Account Managers

Your eFax Corporate account manager will help you at every step.

Why More Businesses Trust eFax Corporate Than Any Other Cloud Fax Service

Outsource Fax Maintanence

Transfer all the hassles of managing fax infrastructure to a trusted cloud provider.

Fax Maintenance


Integrate wth Applications

Integrate faxing directly into platforms such as SAP® and applications such as Word®.

with Applications


Meet Regulatory

Meet Regulatory Compliance

Bring your fax processes into compliance with regulations for financial, healthcare and pharma.

sample view of fax-to-email

Enhance your fax security (TLS encryption)

Align with all major regulatory guidelines

Unlimited fax storage 

Electronic signature

Work with a dedicated account rep

Keep your existing fax numbers

Fax-by-email from any device

The Cloud Fax Service of Choice for Highly Regulated Businesses
and Companies Faxing Sensitive Data

Healthcare Faxing

Healthcare Faxing

Financial Service Faxing

Financial Services Faxing

Legal Faxing

Legal Faxing

Real Estate Faxing

Real Estate Faxing

Manufacturing Faxing

Manufacturing Faxing

Construction Faxing

Construction Faxing

eFax Corporate’s cloud fax service lets businesses send and receive faxes by email from any Internet-connected device: PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet. We can help you eliminate fax servers, fax software, supplies, licenses, and utilities costs — and replace them with a predictable model that includes nearly unlimited scalability. The service lets your business:

What Does Our Cloud Fax Platform Mean for You?

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Your inbound faxes are converted to PDF or TIFF files and then securely emailed to your employee’s inbox (or stored on a secure site with only a URL emailed). For outbound faxes, your employee simply creates a new email and sends the fax over the secure eFax network, for guaranteed delivery.

Fax by Email

Admin Settings Icon
Fax by Email

Scale Up or Down as Needed

Scale based on need Icon

Because our solution is cloud-based, eFax Corporate can offer our customers virtually unlimited scalability. Plus, you can scale down as quickly and easily as you scale up, based on your business’s changing needs.

Scale up or down as needed
Trusted by these partners
Trusted by these partners

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